2018 TCBC Board of Directors Candidates

Biographies of the 2018 Twin Cities Bicycling Club Board of Directors candidates:

New Stillwater Bridge Open at Last

That new bridge over the St. Croix is really something. I biked across it soon after it opened, and many, many people were walking and biking across too. After all these years of waiting, and difficulties biking through downtown Stillwater and then sometimes struggling to bike across the old bridge through heavy traffic, deliverance has finally arrived, making things much safer for biking across the river.

Nominations for the TCBC Board of Directors

The TCBC Board is now accepting applications for nomination to the TCBC Board of Directors. At the present time, only one member of the Board will be stepping down this year, but there may be more. This presents an excellent opportunity for someone new to join the Board and bring some fresh ideas and perspective as we continue to move the club forward in 2018.

New Member Rides

This year the club will continue to conduct rides specifically for new members and prospective members. These rides will begin with an extended discussion of bike safety and group riding techniques. There will then be a ride of 15-18 miles to put what was discussed into practice.

Six rides are on the Ride Calendar on the Club’s website here.

TCBC Migrating to New Ride Stats Software

TCBC is excited to announce that we have migrated to a new ride stats program during the month of April! Gone will be the days of finding yourself on the “All members” mileage PDF on the TCBC website.