TCBC Member Statistics FAQ

Mileage statistics in TCBC are a membership benefit going back many years.  Through the system, almost 20 volunteers enter rides for over 1,500 people, about 25,000 individual rides a year.

Q: What is RideStats and how does this mileage tracking system work?

A: RideStats is custom software for gathering, validating and tracking bike miles that are ridden by valid TCBC club members. The first step in the process is acquiring individual ride sheets that leaders submit. Each of these rides, including all information about the ride is manually entered into the RideStats database by Ride Entry volunteers. Each of these rides is then checked with the published ride schedule by the RideStats Validator. Each rider that signed up for the ride is checked to verify a current membership. When this validation process is complete, the ride information is available for inclusion in the next statistics report which occurs twice a month. These statistics can be viewed on the website or in the newsletter.


Q: How quickly after I ride will my miles be posted?

A: This can vary a lot because there are a number of moving parts. Once a ride is finished the first step involved is that the ride leader needs to submit the ride sheets. While most rides are submitted within a few days, leaders are given up to 30 days to submit their rides. When ride sheets are received by the RideStats system, they are then disseminated to the Ride Entry volunteers who enter the ride data a soon as possible. Each ride including every rider that signed in is then verified against the current membership database to ensure that they are a valid TCBC member. If there are questions that arise about membership, there can be a delay in processing that particular ride. An effort is made to process as many of the entered rides as possible when the statistics are updated twice per month


Q: Why do I need to use my member number?

A: Use of your member number identifies you in a unique manner. It eliminates confusion when members have the same name, use nicknames, use initials or have illegible signatures. It also is a more efficient way to enter a rider into the system instead of entering their name, which can sometimes be difficult to decipher.


Q: What can I as a rider do to help with the process?

A: Use your correct member number. Write this number and your first and last name clearly on the ride sheet. This saves time for the ride entry volunteers and helps you get your miles tracked accurately.


Q: What if my listed mileage does not match with my own records?

A: The posted miles can vary from your own records for a number of reasons. The leader may have turned in a slightly different value than what your odometer showed for the ride. Sometimes people forget to sign in on the ride sheet. On rides where there are multiple distances, the leader may have to estimate what mileage you rode if you did not fill that out or tell them after the ride. On some occasions a rider's name and/or number may not be legible on the signup sheet. TCBC mileage calculations are compiled by volunteers and every effort is made to have them as accurate as possible. However, they may vary from your personal records. Regardless, the final annual numbers reported by the RideStats System will stand as your official TCBC mileage for the year.


Q: If I do not renew my membership when it expires, do miles ridden after expiration count?

A: Only miles ridden while a member in good standing will be recorded. Miles ridden under a lapsed/expired membership are not recorded and will not be retroactively researched and amended. This is a service for members and members should make an effort to keep their membership active.


Q: I forgot my member number. Where can I obtain it?

A: Go to Manage My Membership  Otherwise you can email and request your number be looked up for you.


Q: I don't know when my membership renewal is due. How do I find that out?

A: You can view this information by going to Manage My Membership. In summary, though, your start date is the date you sign up and your end date is 365 days later. In the past we adjusted end-dates to be the 30th of the month. That practice is no longer occurring. Note that you will only be insured on club rides during the period of time your membership is active. In addition, members whose memberships lapse may not have their mileage recorded.


Q: How often and when are the stats updated on the website?

A: New statistics are posted on the website on the 15th of the month and on the last day of the month. Slightly more rides may be included with the newsletter publish date than what show up at the end of the previous month. Statistics for prior months are updated throughout the ride season as additional rides are turned in or successfully validated. The monthly totals for any given month are not final until the end of the ride year. The TCBC ride year runs from November 1st through October 31st. By custom, final mileage totals for the complete ride season are not revealed until the Annual Recognition Banquet that is held over the winter.


Q: If I have any questions related to RideStats who can help out with that?

A: Please email your questions to the RideStats Committee at in lieu of contacting individual ride leaders. Someone from the committee will get you an answer