Further North to Siren -- Osceola... Friday, June 16th @ 07:30 am

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Chuck Ryan created the topic: Further North to Siren -- Osceola... Friday, June 16th @ 07:30 am
I intended to post this ride, Further North to Siren, for either this Saturday or Sunday, but with the 84 hour posting rule there was the possibility of rain for a good portion of this ride.

The weather looks decent this Friday, so I’m going to ride my new route from Osceola to Siren on Friday, June 16th at 07:30 am. I’m going to do the 128 mile route. If you’re interested in riding please contact me by e-mail and I’ll either send a link to the GPS file and / or bring a copy of the map & cue sheet. If I receive an e-mail from anyone wanting to ride, I’ll wait until 07:30 am before leaving otherwise I’ll probably leave earlier.

There isn’t any TCBC mileage given or insurance on this ride.

Chuck Ryan

CIIcanoe at gmail dot com

Here is the ride description I had for both routes….

Further North to Siren - Osceola, WI

This is the last week-end to get some miles in before next weeks Summer Solstice Double Century.

Come ride some quiet roads of Wisconsin. There are 2 different mileages for today’s ride…79 and 128 miles. The longest ride takes us to Siren, Wisconsin where we’ll have the option to take a break along the shores of Crooked Lake. The shorter route goes to Luck.

Both routes are mostly rolling terrain with one short hill after leaving St. Croix Falls, but before that there are a couple of nice long descents. The terrain is relatively tame when compared to other parts of Wisconsin.

I’m posting these rides as an “A/B” , but I’ll be riding averaging at more of a “B” pace. All self sufficient riders are welcome and you can go at any speed you want, but I’ll be going at a leisurely pace…enjoying the surroundings!

The ride will leave promptly at 07:30 am with the ride briefing at 07:25 am.

*****We will begin our ride from Oakey Park in Osceola. The address of the park is 400-7th Ave, but we will park in a parking lot that is accessed at the end of 6th Av. If you are coming from Minnesota and take Hwy 243 / Osceola Rd across the St. Croix River to S. Cascade St. Turn left on Cascade St and follow it around the bend to 6th Ave. Turn right on 6th Av for two blocks and you’re at the parking lot. The ballpark is another area of the park that is accessed off 7th Av.****

There are restrooms available.

Both rides follow the same route for the first 33.5 miles. So we’ll stop and take our first break at the Mobile Station/Food Mart in Balsam Lake mile 28.5. The shorter route continues northward to Luck after the two routes split.

The shorter route has a couple options for another break in Luck. TA Minit Mart at mile 45.3 and Wayne’s Food Plus at mile 45.8. Then its back west toward the St. Croix River and the River Road. There is another optional break in St. Croix Falls at the Holiday Stationstore at mile 70.2.

The longer route immediately takes the very scenic Bunyan Ave after the two routes split. Then the route meanders up to Siren. Before Siren, in the little town of Lewis, there is the Sundown Saloon and Campground (mile 63) where there is a possibility of getting some water. There are several places to grab food in Siren which are all at about the 70 mile mark. There is a Holiday Stationstore, Four Winds Market, Subway and the Chattering Squirrel Coffee Shop. The Chattering Squirrel also have sandwiches/food including a veggie sandwich.….and coffee. After I get a sandwich and coffee I plan to bike about a quarter mile to Crooked Lake Park along Crooked Lake to eat. There are picnic tables in the park.

After the break the route heads south to Frederic where there is another optional break at the Holiday Stationstore at mile 85.6. A little further down the road in Luck there are more options for a break…Cafe Wren (mile 93.5), TA Minit Mart (mile 94) and Wayne’s Food Plus (mile 94.5).

The last place for a optional break is in St. Croix Falls at the Holiday at mile 118.9.

Both routes wrap up the ride riding the very scenic River Rd. both north and south of St. Croix Falls.

Important ****Please upload the route of your choosing and/or print out the map/cue sheet. If you need me to print out both a map and cue sheet for you please contact me at least the day before the ride is scheduled. This way you’ll be sure to have them for the ride! Since there are three different routes to choose from today, I will probably only print out one cue sheet for each distance. I usually make some changes to all my rides, the maps and cues usually can’t be used over again.****

Please contact me if you have any questions about the ride.

Chuck Ryan

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