Ride year ending October 31st.

29 Oct 2017 20:09 #2781 by Bob Fix
Bob Fix created the topic: Ride year ending October 31st.
Good evening everyone.

The end of the ride stats year is fast approaching. I have not gotten a complete answer on what your ride stats will look like come November 1st. My understanding is that the totals by month will clear. I strongly recommend that you you want that information saved - please print a copy of your ride stats or take a screen shot on your computer to make sure you get that information.

TCBC does not own ride stats, therefore like Strava or any other 3rd party service - when it's gone, it's gone. Please make sure to grab a print or screen shot of your data prior to October 31st at 7PM.

I am working to clarify with ride stats what will happen come the end of the ride year. I will post updates as more information becomes available.

Thank you,

Bob Fix
Ride Stats Committee

Bob Fix

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