Bike Tutors Wanted!!!

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Hi Folks.

I was copied on this email because I have been involved with helping 4th an 5th graders how to bike at Pillsbury Elementary School in Northeast Mpls. I dedicate my Thursdays to this effort helping out with four classes of 15 to 20 student groups biking in NE Minneapolis. I feel for the attached request, but do not want to overextend my volunteering. That is why I am writing you. This is special work. Important work. It involves Kids. Its not about yourself and requires taking a gulp and going forward. I'm a teachers assistant - subservient to where it goes that day. That said - it has been a rewarding experience to help a child up a hill See the confidence in balancing or changing a gear. Checking the brakes going downhill and always looking both ways approaching an intersection. I can go on and on, but this is important work not only for the kid but for the next generation. Bottom line - within 15 minutes it will be with the kid you are next to.

If you have time, interest and dedication, you may want to contact Lisa. For the right person, the rewards are 10-fold.

Sent: 2017-04-09 3:25:24 PM
Subject: ride chaperones

Hello Mike,
My name is Lisa Herr and I am a teacher at Seward Montessori School in Minneapolis. During the spring and fall I bike with my class of 30 4th and 5th graders. I am searching for a couple of adult chaperones that would ride along with us to provide guidance and help to ensure safety of small groups of kids. Would there be folks from your organization that would be interested in biking with us? We schedule our rides for Friday morning leaving about 9:00 and returning by 11:30 on most days. We always begin and end at school and the majority of our rides are on trails with a little street riding when necessary.

I may have contacted you in the past. In fact last year one of your members noticed us on a ride and casually offered to ride with us in the future!

Thanks for considering and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Lisa Herr
Seward Montessori School

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