Nominations for the TCBC Board of Directors

The TCBC Board is now accepting applications for nomination to the TCBC Board of Directors. At the present time, only one member of the Board will be stepping down this year, but there may be more. This presents an excellent opportunity for someone new to join the Board and bring some fresh ideas and perspective as we continue to move the club forward in 2018.

New Member Rides

This year the club will continue to conduct rides specifically for new members and prospective members. These rides will begin with an extended discussion of bike safety and group riding techniques. There will then be a ride of 15-18 miles to put what was discussed into practice.

Six rides are on the Ride Calendar on the Club’s website here.

TCBC Migrating to New Ride Stats Software

TCBC is excited to announce that we have migrated to a new ride stats program during the month of April! Gone will be the days of finding yourself on the “All members” mileage PDF on the TCBC website.

Spread the word: April rides are free! 

by Pete Hawkins
Get your 2017 biking year started out right by doing your spring training with the Twin Cities Bicycling Club! 
Whether you are gearing up for the Minnesota Ironman, a spring triathlon, or the MS 150 (or you just want to make this the year that you get back into shape), take advantage of TCBC's special offer to ride free with the club during the entire month of April. 

dickvossDick’s Last Ride

A Voss Epic Adventure

Dick Voss pulled into the ride finish point around 11:25 p.m., Monday, December 5, 2016. It was a long, tough ride fraught with hills, headwinds, stormy weather and maybe even a flat or two. Did I mention wrong turns? In spite of all that, Dick bravely pedaled on and even managed to maintain a sense of humor through it all. He had many friends and family who formed a paceline and helped pull him through the toughest spots. There were also many non-bikers who cheered him on and gave him encouragement from alongside the route.