Black Hills Rally 2017

Sept. 11-15, 2017

Join us for a week of riding in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We will again be staying at the J-Bar Rafter Ranch 3.5 mi. from Hill City. There will be 5 road bike rides and 2 Mickelson trails on 2 of the same days as the the road rides. A nice change of pace and less climbing. The Mickelson Trail is gravel so a wider tire is recommended, however skillful riders can ride most portions of the trail with road bikes. Fat tire bikes can be rented in Hill City at the local bike shop.
Please note that these rides are on hilly to mountainous terrain.

The leaders will be asking for a $20 fee from each rider to help with leader expenses.

Ride Leaders: Jack Uttermark, Email:
Johnny Pugh & Red Rider, Email: