The page is for approved leaders and Ride Entry Volunteers to access the TCBC Ride Entry Software. This functionality does require training to use properly. Please contact Leader Liasions if you have questions about volunteering to do Ride Entry.  The mileage system at TCBC is dependant on many volunteers and keeps track of over 1,000 people's mileage and about 2,300 rides a year.

Click here to launch RideStats Ride Entry Client.


This client uses Java Web Start technology for distribution.  The client software will download and run from your PC using Java that you must install first (version 1.6 or higher). If you need to a download and install Java, please go to Java Installation.  Recent upgrades in Java make this process more secure.  First, only those who are authorized with the proper credentials can access the software.  Second, your PC will validate that it is legitmate and correct.  You may see the following screen on load:

Ride Entry Client Certificate Approval

When you are presented with this screen, click the check box "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above".  You will then not be asked to verify again.

Known Issues with Mac OSx

There are some known issues with this software and the Mac OS.  In particular, if the link does not work, you may access it by doing the following:

  1. Open a Terminal Window, by going to LaunchPad > Terminal Window.  A black window will appear with a prompt.
  2. In the prompt, enter javaws

You will proceed to loading the client, a shortcut should appear on your desktop for launching it in the future.

If you have any issues with the client or launching it, please contact the webmaster at