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If you are planning to fly with your bike, and don't want to pay full price for the best bike box on the market, well, I have for sale a well used Trico Iron Case for $100. This case is well-used, has made at least four round trips to Europe, needs to be re-marked with Your Name on it, but is still in good condition.

Q: Is this what I need for those flights to the mountains?
A: Well yes, if you want to use your own bike. It can be very "iffy" to try to rent a bike, let alone one that fits you, at the other end. And although most airlines charge each way for that bike box, it's still cheaper to bring your bike than rent one. And I hear that Delta has quit charging extra for bikes.

Q: Why are you selling this one?
A: I have another one, which has made 15 round trips to Europe, and is still going strong and ready for the next 15 trips.

Q; I've never flown with a bike in a box before. What's it like?
A: It's somewhat of an art to pack your bike in the box prior to going to the airport, but not overly difficult. It's somewhat of a hassle to haul it into the terminal and get it checked in. There's usually somewhat of a delay in getting it (versus your luggage) off the special conveyor belt at the airport at the other end, in Geneva or Denver, or wherever. It takes some time to unpack and reassemble the bike at your hotel, in France or Colorado, or wherever you just arrived.

It's definitely nice to have your own bike ready to ride, once you're there.

Q: Where do I learn more about this case?
A: Check out this page . For a good deal on a new one, check out Colorado Cyclist .

Rich Swenson
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