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02 Sep 2018 17:35 #3575 by Devlin Patton
Bike Theft in St Paul was created by Devlin Patton

I recently bought a Cannondale Trail 6 Mountain Bike and have been riding it every day since I bought it. Yesterday I locked it up for the night, and in the morning it had disappeared. I notified officials about the stolen bike. I'm not sure what other steps I should take towards possibly getting it back. I'm a broke college student who blew his summer savings on this bike, and I really enjoy biking since I've made it a hobby.
Any help is appreciated. The bike was stolen around the Macalester Area.


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02 Sep 2018 17:42 #3576 by Bob Fix
Replied by Bob Fix on topic Bike Theft in St Paul

Sorry to hear of your bike getting stolen. To say that it is disappointing is an obvious understatement. A few things that you can do after a bike has been stolen are:

- Post to the Twin Cities Stolen Bikes Facebook page as the group is pretty robust in looking for postings of people selling bikes that may be stolen merchandise.
- Check Facebook and Craigslist sales listings to see if your bike may have been posted for sale.
- Since the bike is recently purchased - if you (or the shop you purchased it from) has the serial number of the bike - Cannondale can mark the serial number as stolen and if the bike was brought into a shop for repair - it could get flagged.

Other than that - really sorry to hear of the bike getting stolen. I had a bike in college get stolen the first day I took it to class (3 days after I bought it) - so I can relate to how you must feel.

Wish you luck in finding your bike.

Bob Fix

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03 Sep 2018 17:14 #3579 by Glen Olson
Replied by Glen Olson on topic Bike Theft in St Paul
I had a bike stolen from the Nicollet Mall. I posted an add on Craigs List under 'bikes for sale' with pictures of my bike and that the bike was stolen. The thief's half-brother recognized my bike and was able to recover it and return the bike to me. I wish you luck in recovering your bike.

Glen Olson

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