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29 Nov 2018 23:55 #3762 by Stephan Hodges
Site access blocked from overseas? was created by Stephan Hodges
I'm vacationing in India, and I find that I cannot read newsletters or access the forum from here, unless I go through a friend's computer in the states.

Please consider unblocking other countries from site access. I don't believe the geo-blocking serves a useful purpose these days for security except in fairly narrow circumstances.

I'm assuming you're using Akeeba's Admin tools or similar to do geographic blocking or via htacess. Please note the "Should I use this feature?" advice on this page, and how he points out how ineffective this is for any level of security. Using good "Captcha" should be better for registering/posting, if that's needed.

Stephan Hodges

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30 Nov 2018 17:36 - 30 Nov 2018 17:38 #3764 by Kate Kovar
Replied by Kate Kovar on topic Site access blocked from overseas?
Hi Stephan,

I appreciate your frustration as we just returned from Africa and could not access the website while we were there. The decision was made to block all non US IP address to prevent problems with spamming on the Forum and other security issues for the website. We have seen a marked decrease in these issues since the blocker was put in. Unfortunately this does inconvenience the limited number of members who travel outside the US but was determined to be more than worth it to protect our forum and website.

If you have further questions or input, please direct them to either or as more technical discussion isn't appropriate for the general forum.

I'm glad you were able to find a work around for accessing the information you want from the website while you are vacationing in a warmer climate.

Kate Kovar
TCBC Forum Moderator

K. Kovar
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