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02 Feb 2019 11:34 #3812 by Bob Fix
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Good morning everyone!

We archived the 2018 ride year last night - so all of the stats that you will see on the ridestats site will be for the current ride year (2019).

If you have been in Ridestats lately, you will see that there is some new functionality that will be rolling out for 2019. The functionality revolves around pre-registering for TCBC rides. Michele has been working on this functionality over the winter and the ride stats team is starting to test the functionality and plan on getting some documentation and videos out on how to use it. The functionality is optional for members to use and there is not a huge learning curve involved like the ride calendar last year.

Otherwise there is some additional reports and long term reporting you can view now in Ride Stats.

Stay tuned as we will continue to provide more information in the coming 30-60 days as the days get longer and spring gets closer!



Bob Fix
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