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03 Jun 2019 08:49 #4051 by Bob Fix
Good morning everyone,

There was a ride stats update that occurred over the weekend that you'll notice next time you are looking at rides. The map for the ride start location has been removed and a button "Show map to start" has replaced it. I've included a screen shot below of the ride details page as shown on a PC with Chrome. Many rides utilize the same start location that you are all familiar with and the ability to click on the button to check the ride start location should still provide the ability to view the location when needed.

Unfortunately this arose from Google charging when a map is viewed on your site. The developer is looking for ways around this with future updates, but currently TCBC members and guests view ride details of a ride on our calendar over 1000 times per day, so with this volume, we were unable to stay in a free tier.

I personally have not tested this across all browsers and devices, so if there is a problem displaying the map on a phone or device, please feel free to add to this thread similar to before. I think everyone provided a lot of good detailed feedback that we can pass along to the developers.

Device: PC / Tablet / Phone
OS: iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows
Browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.

Thanks everyone,


Bob Fix
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