file Ride Stats - New Ride Year - We need to perform an update!

01 Nov 2019 17:28 - 01 Nov 2019 17:28 #4507 by Bob Fix
Hello everyone!

My apologies, but in my haste to make sure that we were prepared to close out our ride year and the short turn-around for the annual meeting and awards banquet - I forgot to make sure we were fully ready for the new ride year!

We need to update the ride leaders file in our membership system, and then into ride stats to allow for ride leaders to enter rides for the new 2020 TCBC ride stats year. At this time, ride leaders cannot enter rides! We will have this updated within the next week and then rides will get entered.

In the meantime, please do not harass or harry your ride leaders to get rides in. Keep the pitchforks and torches at bay - things will be back to normal shortly!

Again - my apologies - we'll have this updated soon.



Bob Fix
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