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02 Nov 2019 10:08 #4509 by Bob Fix
Ridestats is temporarily unavailable was created by Bob Fix
Good cold morning everyone -

The ridestats calendar is currently offline. The maintenance company last night made an error and applied a SSL cert (this is an encryption certificate that encrypts traffic between you and a website - it is where the HTTPS comes from) incorrectly. It applied 's SSL to ridestats. is the Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs out of Los Angeles that Ridestats works with as a customer.

The mistake is innocent in that you do not need to worry about security cert warnings that your browser is alerting - however, until it is fixed, ridestats will not work correctly. Ridestats has contacted me this morning and they are actively working to get this squared away.

Good day to find a fireplace and cup of coffee....



Bob Fix
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