"Fat-ur-Day Fun-Day (Maple Grove)" - not cancelled, but trail "type" may change?

10 Nov 2017 15:54 #2793 by Mike Beadles
With temperatures predicted to go above freezing tomrorow, it's expected that the Elm Creek mountain bike (MTB) trails,
will be closed starting at some point in time on Saturday.

I'm watching this website - www.morcmtb.org/forums/showthread.php?28...Conditions-Elm-Creek
and also watching this Facebook page - Elm Creek Singletrack - www.facebook.com/ElmCreekSingletrack

Please note that should the MTB trails be closed,
then please let's be good mountain bike trail stewards,
and accept that we would instead plan to ride the Elm Creek "tar" trails,
in order to get a TCBC ride in.

I am planning to arrive at 8:00 AM at the MTB parking lot tomorrow morning,
then will update the TCBC forum accordingly at that time with conditions and trail "type" to expect.

Here is a Note from the "Elm Creek Singletrack" Facebook page -

"Freeze/Thaw forecast problematic for trails
November 9, 2017 - The ten-day forecast is not going to be friendly to local singletrack trails. With daily highs climbing above freezing this will cause trails to thaw. Periods of freeze/thaw create soft and muddy conditions even without precipitation. As you can imagine, this makes trails vulnerable to damage. Ideally frost needs to take root and freeze up the trails for the winter season. Until the ground freezes for the winter, please be extra cautious about trail conditions and be aware that there'll likely be prolonged trail closures during periods of freeze/thaw"

Mike Beadles
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