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15 Jan 2019 16:45 #3801 by phil lawson
:annual banquit was created by phil lawson
I will not attend any meeting at crystal lake golf
. I feel cheated that a more central location is not used used. The St. Anthony location was better . I believe better attendance would be achieved.

Who is getting the profit of the crystal lake location?

It isun fair to expect the member to travel so far.
What happens to twin cities bike. Is it now the Laws Crystal bike club??????#$%#???
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26 Jan 2019 10:31 - 26 Jan 2019 10:33 #3807 by John Rogers
Replied by John Rogers on topic :annual banquit
I agree with Phil. I try not to be too critical about such things since I'm not part of the effort involved in setting up such an event. Still, my decision not to attend is absolutely related to the long distance I'd have to travel and uncertain weather when that time comes.

Riders can choose from a wide selection of rides throughout the metro area, yet there is only one banquet to celebrate with other members. It is truly unfortunate that the metro-wide membership isn't a factor considered when deciding on a centralized location for this event.
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