Entering Events and Rides in the Ridestats Calendar

All the functions of scheduling a ride and entering ride sheets now are located in the Ridestats system, not the TCBC website. Access the Ridestats system here: http://www.ridestats.bike/admin/tcbc/login.xhtml

This is a separate system from the TCBC website and uses its own username and password. You can request a password change from that same web page.

Here is an article that explains the different systems that TCBC uses: http://www.biketcbc.org/index.php/newsletters/news-blog/222-logging-in


To post a ride on the calendar you need to:

  1. Create an event
  2. Wait for approval
  3. Put your ride on the calendar from your event


Create an Event

After you log in to the Ridestats system (not the TCBC website) click on the Calendar icon on the left and select Create Events









Enter Event Information - Complete all the required information putting in the possible Event information. Most of this can be edited when putting the actual ride in, but you need this Event created to be able to add a ride. If it is a one-off (a single ride event) complete it entering the exact information. If you will be entering this ride multiple times, then put general information in knowing that when you create the ride you can change most information to be more specific about your ride. Pay attention to the dates and also the Scheduling Window you enter for the Event if you plan on using this Event for multiple rides throughout the year. When entering the Earliest and Latest Time this only refers to the start time.

  • Enter the name of the Event Name – The unique name of your event
  • Enter the Event Date to be Scheduled – A one-off requires only a single date in the From and To but a series of multiple rides will require the beginning date and the last or ending date of your series.
  • Enter the Earliest and Latest Scheduling Window – This is only for the start time of your rides. If the series will have multiple times for the start then be sure to put in the correct time span that you might use. An example would be a evening or morning ride that has to accommodate for the sunrise and sunset.
  • Select the day or days that the ride(s) Events may be scheduled on – Be sure to check any day that your ride may be on.
  • Select the Terrain
  • Enter the Lowest Mileage and the Highest Mileage – If there are multiple ride distances be sure to enter the correct high and low distances.
  • Select if there is a Sag Provided, Overnight Ride or a Social Gathering before/after
  • Enter a Description – This will be the default description of you ride or ride series.

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Enter All Leaders who can lead this event – Add all Leaders that would possibly lead this event. This will allow them to also see the Event and schedule rides as well.

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Enter all Start Locations – Multiple start locations can be entered which will allow the selection of the proper start location when creating the ride.

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Final Save

Once the Event is created it will be sent to be approved

FYI: You can edit an Event after it is approved but be aware that it is sent back in for approval and you won’t be able to schedule a ride until it is approved again.

Create a Ride from an Approved Event

Click on the Calendar icon on the left and select My Events

Any Event that you are Ride Leader for will be available to you.

  • FYI: If you edit an Event here, it is sent back in for approval and you won’t be able to schedule a ride until it is approved again
  • Find the Event and select the Schedule button at the right
  • Edit anything that requires changes, validating the day, time, terrain, ride type (required) and mileage. You can also edit the Description to make it appropriate for the ride since if this is a ride that is put on multiple times but the specifics change be sure to update the description.
  • Once updated click submit
  • then choose from these options: save
  • Be aware that there is no pop-up letting you know it was scheduled. The notice you get in your email will be the notice you will have letting you know the ride was scheduled.
  • If this is a one time event, you are done
  • If this is a series you will have to Submit for each day which will allow you to skip days or change the information like miles, terrain, Ride Type, Leader, Location and Description.
  • If you have the same ride on the same day that has different information like Ride Type, Miles etc. select Submit to Calendar – Schedule Next Ride on Same Day. The only requirements will be that you adhere to the ranges you provided in your club event
  • If it is a ride series, you should set the end date one day past because of the way the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time - A standard reference time established in 1675) is working within the Calendar. Otherwise it will not allow you to enter the last ride in the series. The Developer intends to use this application anywhere in the world which is also the reason it currently uses the 24 hour setting. That means if your start time is after 18:00 (6:00 PM) you might have issues that would not allow you to schedule the last day.
  • Do not put spaces between your paragraphs when creating the description since when you write descriptions, you are actually writing HTML. Your first carriage return ends the <p> tag. That interprets as a space between paragraphs.
  • If your Event does not have a Schedule button to the right then there are no available dates within the defined dates set up in the Event. If there is one you are free to schedule a ride.
  • If you want to set up a new Event that has the same name that is OK you can reuse the name next year, next month or later during the year. The End date is the descriptor the system uses for an Event to be completed.
  • As a leader you will have a convenient list of all the rides you are scheduled to lead on My Schedule. It will even remind you when your rides are due to report.

Cancel/Edit a ride

Click on the Calendar icon on the left and select My Schedule

BEFORE your ride date and time you will see:





AFTER your ride date and time you will see:





cancelThe 'Cancel' button will cancel the ride either before or after the ride. The calendar listing will add a line saying 'Cancelled'.

editThe 'Edit' button allows you to edit the ride before the ride date and time.

reportThe 'Report' button is where you enter your ride sheet after the ride

scheduledred The red 'Scheduled' button means that you need to enter the ride sheet

scheduledgray Means the ride is on the calendar but hasn't occured yet


Edit an Event

Click on the Calendar icon on the left and select My Events

Click on the Edit button and make your changes

FYI: If you edit an Event, it is sent back for approval and you won’t be able to schedule a ride until it is approved again

Enter Ride Sheets

Click on the Calendar icon on the left and select My Schedule. Rides that need to have a ride sheet submitted will have a button that says 'Report'.