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Bike U Recap | Fit and Fitness

Diana Cohen

The stars were in alignment. A TCBC , Bike U, event was held on October 29, 2019 at Southdale Library, Edina, MN. The stock market did not crash and the weather was perfect. Two physical therapists, Dr. Brandon Busch and Dr. Lauren Loberg from the Tria Orthopaedic Center spoke to a packed room of TCBC members. The overarching topic was fitness. They led us through an overview of what it means to be fit and unfit, and what it takes to manage and maintain ongoing fitness. During the presentation as they engaged with the bicyclists and allowed time for their input and questions. TCBC members left with a greater understanding of the variables impacting their health and the possibilities for healing.

It's a Wrap, Another TCBC Ride Year in the Books!

It was a great Annual Meeting and Recognition Banquet. Thanks to all the volunteers that made the evening a success.

Congratulations to our newly elected Board members: Shelby Miller, Mike Kubes, Kasey Kramer, John Benda, George Blank, Bob Fix, Ann Harris, Craig Larson and Dick Stardig. Thank you also to Edward Eroe and Fran Rabe for your years of service on the Board.

A shout out to our 183 ride leaders who scheduled over 1800 rides during the 2019 TCBC ride year and even with the bad weather - completed 1611 of them!

Come ride with us in the new ride year and start creating new memories. 

Season changes bring calendar changes

Attention all riders: always check the ride calendar before you go! 
Because of technology advances, leaders are now allowed to cancel rides for weather-related reasons up to two hours before the ride start and up to 24 hours for any reason. If those deadlines are observed, the ride leader won't be required to show up at the ride start. 
When officially canceled, the ride will appear on the ride calendar as canceled, plus there will be a notice posted to the Forum topic "Ride Canceled, Delayed or Rescheduled." You can subscribe to that topic (log in first) and get emails sent to you automatically whenever there is a posting. 

2020 TCBC Board of Directors Candidates

Biographies of the 2020 Twin Cities Bicycling Club Board of Directors candidates: