TCBC Migrating to New Ride Stats Software

TCBC is excited to announce that we have migrated to a new ride stats program during the month of April! Gone will be the days of finding yourself on the “All members” mileage PDF on the TCBC website.

TCBC has partnered with Michele Brougher to develop the next generation of ride stats for the club that will have a more personal feel for our members to track their rides throughout the year. A major benefit of the new ride stats web site is that ride leaders will be able to upload their rides immediately following a ride, and the processing and mileage updates will take place immediately upon entry. No additional processing will be required. Members will be able to see all the rides that they have participated in for the year, as well as prior year cumulative stats. An additional benefit is that since the application is now a web application, fixing bugs and adding future features to the program will be far easier than in the past.

The new ride stats website is located at: This is the main site that will show mileage leaders, rides led by leaders, and largest rides. You can also access your personal stats from this site or go directly to and then enter your member number to see your personal club statistics.

TCBC would like to thank Michele Brougher for her work in developing the new software, as well as Randall Huskamp, Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Mary Derks, Kristi Linder, and Scott Larson for their input and feedback during the development and testing process.