Nominations for the TCBC Board of Directors

The TCBC Board is now accepting applications for nomination to the TCBC Board of Directors. At the present time, only one member of the Board will be stepping down this year, but there may be more. This presents an excellent opportunity for someone new to join the Board and bring some fresh ideas and perspective as we continue to move the club forward in 2018.

A nominating committee has been formed (Diane Ziemer, Pete Hawkins, and Paul Frenz), to recommend candidates to the present Board to fill the vacancy/s. The committee encourages TCBC members who are interested in serving on the Board to contact a nominating committee member before the Board’s August 1st meeting to express their interest.

The TCBC Board is a working board. Members are expected to carry out duties of running the organization. The Board meets once a month and members also have additional assignments, including service on committees. The minimum time commitment is about 6-7 hours per month. The Board term is for 2 years. To be eligible to serve on the Board, an individual must have been a TCBC member in good standing for at least 12 months prior to the election (which is in November at the TCBC Annual Meeting), and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of TCBC.

For further information, please contact Diane Ziemer at diane. or Pete Hawkins at or Paul Frenz at . All applicants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to their skills and interests relative to TCBC.

Being a member of the TCBC Board is an excellent way to give back to your bike club; please seriously consider this opportunity.

Pete Hawkins