2016 Superior Vista after-glow


By Dan Miller
Photos by Steve Block

As the Superior Vista weekend approached, I had visions that I may be doing it alone. Some of my biker friends had other plans or decided not to attend after being rained out on previous years. And this year’s weather forecast was not wonderful either. For me, it was the first Vista Tour in several years and I had to push doubts about weather and who would be attending aside.

Thoughts about Night Riding

by Dan Miller

TCBC offers two categories of night rides, N/B and N/C, in which members can participate. Their differentiation is a faster and slower average riding speed. Both require a front and back leader and the intent is to ride as a group. Ride length is limited to 25 miles or less. In addition to a helmet, bicycles need to be equipped with a front and rear light. As a member and ride leader who enjoys night riding, I thought it may be worth sharing a few observations learned over the years and encourage you to participate in what is becoming a more popular ride category.

ishmaelIshmael’s First TCBC Ride

by Sadaf Syeda

Does having a kid prevent you from riding your bike? Not necessarily... As they say “where there is a will there is a way”. And of course if you are part of the club where everyone is eager to accommodate you –then the answer is Certainly Not.


New Relationship For TCBC And Minnesota Randonneurs Offers More Opportunities To Ride

TCBC and Minnesota Randonneurs have worked together very closely over the past eight years to provide the opportunity for TCBC members to ride randonneur events at no cost and to help randonneuring (long distance riding) grow in Minnesota. A key part of this relationship was Minnesota Randonneurs being able to be included in the TCBC insurance program at no extra cost to either TCBC or Minnesota Randonneurs. This has been a very positive relationship for both groups, giving Minnesota Randonneurs the opportunity to grow into one of the larger randonneur groups in the US and offering TCBC members more riding possibilities, with 30 events annually from 100k up to 600k (375 miles).

Drafting for the Recreational Bicyclist

As most of you know, riding behind other bicyclists for protection from the wind can be quite beneficial.  Studies have shown that having other bikers on all sides of you can result in up to a 25% reduction in your workload.  That’s why bicycle racers do it, but doing so comes with an increased risk of having an accident. This risk can be significantly reduced, however, if everyone in a group of riders follows some rules and guidelines that are listed here in a random order: